Job Vs Joy

This post is for all those who got the job but are not happy with it and are planning to switch. Others who are fortunate to have the right job can try to find out something meaningful for them.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You got a job. Great! You are earning in spite of the recession. But are you really satisfied with the job? Are you doing something which really interests you? Or you are paying the interest (of your loan) at the price of your interest (Career, liking, passion). I can imagine the pain and worry of the people who got the job but are still looking for a job. Let us get into the recent past and answer a few questions.

Why you took the job:

  1. Pressure (Money, Loan, Parental)
  2. Learning
  3. Convenience ( Location, Job on platter)
  4. Money
  5. Brand name
  6. The promises made by the company
  7. Recommendations
  8. Just took it
  9. Gut feeling
  10. Fear

For whatever reasons you took the job it must be clear by now that by keeping the same reasons in mind may not help you get the Right job for you. The point is to convey you the reason for your today. “ Bhavishya ka Janam Attith ki Kokh se hi hota hai”. Next time you take a job be very clear about the reasons for taking it. While there is no guarantee that you will land up at the right place by knowing the reason but it will surely reduce the spread of the risk involved. Joblessness is just like a disease and you need to find the right cure otherwise you will keep getting some or the other disorder. And for the right cure you need to know the patient and the disease very well. To escape from one well do not jump into another. Wise people stop digging the well the moment they realize that they are into one.

Let us try to sustain this phase of life. Let us be more patient. All of us want to be exceptionally good like Dhirubhai, Tata’s, Sachin, Sania etc. but nobody is ready to fail that many times. Failure to get a right job does not mean that you have failed. An event can be a failure a person can never be. We need to be patient, sensitive, wise, alert, disciplined and hopeful. Let us not sit on our ass and wait for others to make us learn things. For god’s sake let us not depend on others for our motivation and up-gradation. Let us not depend only on luck for our next job and career. Let us not be desperate. Let us try something different.

Let us pray that the agony: “Those who got placed are still looking for a job” does not last for long.


9 thoughts on “Job Vs Joy

  1. The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think…. Edwin SchlossbergHey Vinay..! great effort! Really liked it…it describes the true picture of all of us!! Keep going n gud luck!

  2. Time make us learn many thing.May be we have never pondered over all these things if all went well.But since things are not good there lies a great opportunity for all of us to think deeply and discover right paths for usHence "If you don't know where to go any road will take you there" holds true

  3. A start is required for a spark…..can see that spark in your thinking…a nice topic to start with(for a fresh MBA pass out)good research ..just a little bit of refinement needed..which i m sure u will do with time.

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