Foresight (Part 2)

Continued…visit ” Foresight Part 1″ for initial part.
2. Thinking:
About past- present- future. An event of future; at present can occur only in a mind.We mostly confuse our act of worrying with the act of thinking. We mostly worry about future and rarely think about future. We mostly talk about past but we rarely think about past.
Bhavishya atith ki kokh se janm leta hai. We do not think about how, why and when we reached the present that we have today. We do not even think about the most certain thing in life i.e Death. Do we ever think about the way we want to die? In Mahabharta Bhishama once said to Dhritrashtra “Itihaas hame kya bulyega” ( How would history explain our acts?). We should act in such a manner so that when our next generations talk about us they would not have feel ashamed”. How many of us think like that? Visionaries do. Dhirubhai did, Mahatma Gandhi did, Arjuna did. For that, one has to think. But in our super-fast world where everybody wants us to be updated with current affairs and use every minute of a day in doing something productive(tangible) we do not have time to think!

3. Necessity :-
Necessity is the mother of invention. Today we do not need to book a trump call to talk to a person; we do not need to wait for 2 years to get a scooter. We do not even need to worry about the duration of our calls as we pay per second! If one has to go to Australia, one has tickets available at a click with the best of hotels according to the budget. I am online on my mobile so I do not need to worry if I am in office or not. We do not need to foresee too much. As we have ready options at every, we do not need to plan very much. That is why we react to situations on time. In addition, somewhere due to this “Real Time” convenience we are loosing ability to foresee things. Everything is available on rent so you do not need to worry about the lifetime cost and thus we follow use and throw mentality. We buy handsets for six months only, we buy clothes for the current season, we recharge mobile only for today, we withdraw only that much money from ATM, which we will use in next two days, we take a job and switch it the moment we get a better one. We do not need to plan for future as we used to.
We work for future like a Ferrari car with maddening speed. However, when we think about future we are like a car with a headlight, which has a range of 200 meters.

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.

– Charles Buxton

I am not against modern technologies but somewhere I feel to fight the bigger problems coming in future we need foresight more than ever. I feel software or a technology cannot solve a NEW problem. A software can be developed to solve it but, later. Only human brain can predict and solve the newer problems of future.

Think about the future because that is where you are going to spend rest of your life.


2 thoughts on “Foresight (Part 2)

  1. first of all congratulations 4 such a beautiful blog..aftr many daz i got smthing 2 ponder upon..!! thot 4 food!!well said bot thinking and worrying..we mostly just worry…not think..but hw to change worrying to thinking??m sure u got an ans!

  2. Nidhi: Sorry for late response. The article is descriptive. Still trying to answer you here:First step be aware. If you are aware that you are just worrying and not thinking is itself half the battle won. Analyzing the situation from a third person's perspective can really help.Second step: Tell your mind worrying won't help. Ask ur friends and relative to point whenever they feel that you are wasting time in worrying.Third step: Think about practical solutions. For sometime be a third person ( Call your self "Manager Me". A person can cry that someone has stolen his money. A manager would take actions to catch hold of the thief and will file an FIR). Ask your manager to solve your case and give some feasible solutions.If in between you again start worrying retell yourself that you wont gain anything out of worrying.Just like worrying is a habit. Thinking can also become a habit with regular practice. 🙂

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