Anger Vs. Patience


Anger is not always bad. Patience is not always good. Anger helps you take the bold steps that u might not take with a patient mind. And at times these bold steps make you choose the road less traveled and thus explore a new you in you. Anger makes you forget the limitations, weaknesses and constraints that you have. Patience makes you hopelessly hopeful about hopeless things.

So Raju shows patience with the corrupt system and with his need to change for better. He shows anger on the innocent child who cries when he is reading and gets furious when the the internet is not working.

He gets angry only when the problems are smaller than him. He gets patient when they are bigger than him.

Thus, we use anger to show our shallow heroism and pseudo patience to hide our timidness.

Let us get angry with our patience. Let us get patient with our anger.




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