The Curious Case of Anna’s Protest!

Team Anna has got a tremendous response from common man. The large number of people turning up at rallies and dharnas in the colors of patriotism with Gandhi Topi is a reflection of the success of Brand Anna.

Let us try to analyze the reasons for the overwhelming support that this historical protest has received.

1. Common Need:

All the sections of society have faced corruption. Corruption is the common denominator problem of every level of the society be it a Driver or a Businessman or a Student. Unless the problem is common such big revolutions are not possible. The anger and frustration of people caused due to inflation/ corruption/ reservations.. any problem for which as per common man govt is responsible needed a way out. A peaceful protest proved to be the right way to demonstrate.

2. Solution:

There have been many dharnas and protests against corruption earlier too but this protest also talks about a very relevant, practical and concrete solution in the form of Janlokpal Bill. This protest is more than just a demonstration. People believe that by protesting against govt. Janlokpal Bill will get clearance in parliament which in itself is going to reduce their problem. And this solution is in the form of a “System” and not in the form of ” An Elected Person” who, once elected, betrays common man every now and then.

3. Production House:

The trust factor played a crucial role in rolling the stone. The clean image of “Team Anna” (the production house) deserved faith of the common man. Different members of Anna Team proved appealing to different segments of people.


Anna: His clean image, past deeds, simple lifestyle, grandfather like figure attracted Rural People, Emotional Urban Youth and Elders. These people trust their leader…and anything their leader says/ do is right. They generally do not debate. They prefer to follow their leader. They are large in numbers. But caution this is the group that can suggest the attitude: “If you are not with us, you are against us. You are not true Indians.”

Kiran Bedi: To educated people from urban areas. And rural girls who proudly say “Desh ki Beti kaisi ho, Kiran Bedi Jaisi ho!”.

Arvind Kejriwaal: Educated, tech savvy reason seeking section of the society who analyse the situation and proposals by doing their own research. Who will not support you just because of your clean image. This section of society knows about the bill and a bit about the law. This section of society can debate on the topic and convince and convert others too. They are more likely to form any personal opinion based on facts rather than on just emotions. In marketing jargon these are ” Opinion Builders”.

4. Planning:

The scheduling of protest during extended holidays helped team Anna to get as much number as possible. The Facebook page, the sms, the emails, the viral videos passed on the message directly from team to the protesters.

5. Control:

The replacement of Bharat Mata poster with that of Mahatma Gandhi’s poster on the stage to avoid any politicization of the protest, preventing Ramdeo Baba or any other uninvited guest to share opinion on stage, requesting people to not to indulge in any violence and keeping a check of it and making govt authorities take steps to maintain hygiene on the ground so as to avoid any epidemic….are some of the examples of control that Team Anna displayed.

All said, the most important reason for the success is the protesters believe that Team Anna has Right Intentions. People might not understand Janlok Pal Bill. But they understand corruption that they face every day. They might not understand the technicalities of law. But they are sure that Team Anna is clean, has pure intentions and is more intelligent. They believe anything that comes from such team “Has to be Good” as compared to “The Parliament” that has over 150 MPs with criminal records.


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