Real T!me

Sohaib Athar an IT consultant, living in Abbottabad, unknowingly tweeted details of the US-led operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. He twitted the operation in “Real Time”.

Nature is timeless. Man divided time and lost his peace of mind because he has tried to get away with timelessness of nature.

Division of time has led us to this concept of “Real Time” which as wikipedia says is a narrative technique in which the events depicted take place entirely within the span of the depiction, and at the same rate. Thanks to our modern day technology today we can have real time news, updates and control system. We want to be updated every second. We want to know where has Veena Malik gone? Which politician has been slapped? Which is the new Kolaveri song? What is the dollar rate? How is sensex moving? Of course in “Real Time”

Raju lives in a dynamic world. And the flux of updates, news and thoughts is beyond his absorption capability. Google throws millions of search results in fraction on seconds.(I searched for Real Time it gave about 751,000,000 results in 0.27 seconds). But he has become so used to being in Real Time that if his smart phone does not flash light for 5 min he gets restless and subconsciously his fingers start moving the frames of his touchscreen gadget. He checks it out hoping for some new updates. Raju wants to know how many likes his new profile picture has got. Of course in Real Time. He wants to be informed continuously. He is addicted to being bombarded with information. Something must keep happening with his facebook wall or with the news website that he follows or at least with his twitter account. In elevators when he is with strangers or even with know people his gadgets become his friends. He keeps staring at it, playing with it and he is glued to it till he reaches the desired floor. If there is nothing he will recheck the message box, as if he checks it someone will actually send an sms. Ask him why. You wont get any proper reason. In reality its a tool for him to escape strangers and to behave like strangers with known people.

While travelling if he looses his 3G connectivity he plugs the ear phones and listen to some music. When he has enough of music he picks up a magazine or a book or a newspaper and feeds his mind with anything that he gets. His intention is to keep his mind engaged with something; anything; but himself.

Raju’s situation is similar to the coolie from Rajasthan who used to carry 80kgs of weight (food grain/cloth) on his back from town “a” to town “b”. From town “b” he would return with some other goods and drop it in town “a”. He was so much addicted to this habit of carrying luggage that on the days when he would not get any return luggage he would carry a sack full of sand. He could not help the weightlessness.

Raju is the poor coolie of modern times. The moment of weightlessness are too heavy for him. The moments of peace and silence cause anxiety to him. He is used to speed but he gets restless when things are at rest. He is too much uncomfortable in being with himself. He wants to get into depth of everything but himself.

Key point: Man by his foolish intelligence divided time and now by the same foolish intelligence he wants to beat time. Raju does not know in his attempt to be in “Real Time” he is loosing out on his “Real Time”.


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