Beautiful Intelligence and Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligence is being conscious. Beauty is being subconscious.
Intelligence is driven by a pilot. Beauty is always on autopilot.

Intelligence causes “How?”. Beauty causes “Oh Wow”.

Intelligence is thinking. Beauty is non thinking.

Intelligence is artificial. Beauty is natural.

Intelligence is complex. Beauty is simple. When intelligence becomes natural it becomes beautiful.

Intelligence is divisible. Beauty is non divisible.

Beauty is DNA. Intelligence is to decode DNA.

Intelligence has some intent. Beauty is intent less.

Intelligence is a force. Beauty is a flow.

Intelligence is always tensed between past and future. Beauty has only present.

Intelligence is concentration. Beauty is meditation.

Intelligence is “Is this it?”. Beauty is “This is it.”

Mathematically: Intelligence is a segment. Beauty is a number line, a circle.

Intelligence is when you are learning. Beauty is when that learning has got ingrained in you. Intelligence is practice. Well practised intelligence is beauty.

Intelligence is like a dance step. Beauty is dance itself. Intelligence is like music notes. Beauty is the music itself.

Intelligence is a move by Viswanathan Anand. Beauty is a shot by Virendar Sehwag.

Intelligence is am “I” am Vinay Sarda. Beauty is “i” am Vinay Sarda.

Intelligence will debate about Intelligence Vs Beauty. Beauty will talk about “Beautiful Intelligence and Intelligent Beauty”.
Choose to be beautifully intelligent. Choose to be intelligently beautiful.

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