Being Used To

A few years back, on my way to school, I would feel bad for the beggars on the road. Today, I am ‘used to’ such sights. I must confess I rarely feel for them. Before I start feeling for them, the car behind me blows horn to make me move faster.

We are human beings and therefore we have emotions. We are human beings and that is why we also become ‘used to’ our surroundings.

I am afraid that with the kind of news we consume everyday, the kind of environment we live in,  we will soon start becoming ‘used to’ what happens around us, on us and with us; and thus we will soon begin to lose our sensitivity towards them.

We rarely feel good about ourselves. We might soon stop feeling bad for others too.

When you start losing your sensitivity; you start becoming men or women, scientist or businessmen, sports star or technology expert; but you stop being human.

I don’t want to get ‘used to’ corruption, crime and dirty politics. I don’t want to lose my sensitivity. I want to remain humane.


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