Lessons from a Dragon Fly!

My wife saw a dragon fly continuously banging its head against the transparent glass of a sliding window in my room. Perhaps, the dragon fly wanted to go out in the garden, badly. My wife opened the window so that it could escape. To our surprise it did not move ahead. Something it was trying so badly for was there to be explored but it refused to move.

I saw this, and I ‘wondered’.

Often, we also keep knocking the door of some opportunity that we want to realize, but when the opportunity is there right in front of us, we lose our senses, we get numb, we question ourselves- Should we really do it? Can we really do it? Is it worth the effort? These were the instant thoughts that occurred to me.

I was still wondering when I realized that it was very windy outside and the pressure of the wind rushing into my room was too high for the dragon fly to move ahead. ‘May be’ what the dragon fly saw from inside was a clear open space, a garden, it imagined other dragon flies outside with whom it can roam around because ‘it looked so’. Dragon fly could not imagine and take into account the speed of the wind. The dragon fly got only a rosy and easy picture of the outer world and hence it was trying hard. It was not a mature view.

Often, what we see as an easy opportunity is often accompanied with a huge rush of wind, with several difficulties that are often invisible to an ‘inexperienced’ and sometimes even to an ‘experienced’ eye.

I closed the window. The dragon got settled, relaxed for some time and then moved to the next window, banging its head continuously.

I questioned myself-  Am I a dragon fly?


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